Do you need a copywriter for your health and fitness content marketing endeavours? Or do you need someone to write all the services your business offers?

You’re at the right address with me! You need content written, and fast. Doing it yourself would cost you valuable time, so why wouldn’t you leave it up to someone who actually enjoys the process?

I specialize in:

  •  Writing blog posts that helps readers live a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. These blog posts often cause a lot of engagement from the audience because they’re written for the average Joe (although it may contain many research references).


  • Writing Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content that helps your business generate more traffic to your website. 


  • Web page writing. I can write your “services” page, “about” page, or even content that explains to users how to use your page (see example here).

I’m an expert in:

  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Digital Marketing

My content creation specializations include, but are not limited to:


  • Copywriting – are you in need of copy that helps your readers make a decision? We all know that you want to add value to your readers, but sometimes they need to take a step for that. I can pull them over the hill, let me convince them for you! Most of my copywriting experience involved content filled with affiliate marketing like here or here. But I also have experience writing email newsletters that can make a personal connection with your audience.


  • Blogging – I have a lot of experience with blogging because I used to run a blog while also operating my freelancing business. Blog post writing focuses on writing high-quality, informative and engaging content which usually get you a lot of shares.


  • E-Book creation – writing enough content to be able to call it a book takes a lot of time, planning and writing. You come up with a plan, and I’ll throw in my suggestions even before I start writing. When we’ve got everything in place, I’ll write the most fantastic E-Book you’ll ever see!


  • Ghostwriting – if you need a lot of content written for a site or anything else you want to put your name on. No problem, I don’t need my name under it as long as I know I made you happy, and the content provides a lot of value to others.


  • Social media management – are you sick of constantly planning your social media messages forward? Searching for the right hashtags to use and designing an awesome post? No worries, I can do that for you!